Legendary Athletes Who Would Get Banned Today

jose canseco
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It’s a natural instinct to believe the past was a classier time when people had real integrity. Nowhere is this myth stronger than in pro sports. Modern players might seem sleazy compared to the wholesome idols of yore, but Guyism’s got a history lesson:

Jack Tatum

James Harrison gets labeled public enemy No. 1 every time he gives a guy a headache. Tatum once hit a dude so hard he paralyzed him. Yes, that’s right: “The Assassin” assassinated the spinal cord of the Patriots’ Darryl Stingley and then just walked away like nothing even happened. What’s more, he never even apologized to him. Now that s***’s ice cold. And it sure as hell wouldn’t fly in today’s flag-football version of the NFL.

Jose Canseco

Before Canseco, baseball players had always cheated a little, but it was considered an open secret that people generally turned a blind eye to…Canseco pumped himself so full of steroids that soon everybody else started doing it, too, and there was no way anyone could ignore that s***.

But Canseco managed to get out just before the crackdown came and he never got so much as a fine for his blatant ‘roiding. He wouldn’t be nearly so lucky today. And besides, even if he did manage to evade baseball’s drug police, the existence of Twitter would no doubt get him in trouble, since it has become abundantly clear that Canseco is completely friggin’ nuts.

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