Hungover Links: Hulk Hogan’s Blisters, Pot Brownies & More

Photo: Pleated-Jeans

While you were drinking…

  • P. Diddy chomping on Doritos, Snoop reading Nabokov, Kanye playing Connect Four and 34 more examples of how world-famous rap artists are just like us.
  • Meanwhile, in Colorado, teens are being sent to the hospital after chowing down on their parents’ prescription pot brownies. The incidents have furthered the debate about legalizing 420 in the Centennial State.
  • Brother, have you seen the photos of Hulk Hogan’s disgusting finger blisters that he posted on Twitter after his boat radiator exploded on him? They’re really gross. You’ve been warned.
  • “Instead of ensemble madness we get plodding single character-led episodes … no one ever expected to associate [it] with tedium — over-stimulation, maybe; schizophrenia, sure — but not boredom.” How the Internet ruined “Arrested Development.”

Babe Of The Day

Photo: The Blemish

  • Candice Swanepoel delivers the summer hotness while splashing around in a yellow bikini.
  • Bonus Babe: NFL wife Nicole Murphy is a woman worth meeting and knowing in a two-piece.

Video Of The Day

Via Busted Coverage:

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