Today’s Badass: UFC Fan Defeats Carjacker With MMA Chokehold

chokehold mma
Credit: KSDK

The next time your mom tells you to watch educational TV instead of violent sports, explain that watching violence is educational…at least it was for 29-year-old Abel Simmons of California. As he returned home from an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout on Saturday, along with his wife and kids, a carjacker tried to enter their vehicle.

At this point, an average guy might offer the automobile in exchange for his family’s safety…but Simmons leaped outside and busted out moves he’d witnessed from years of UFC fandom.

“I had just put him in an arm bar, he slipped right out of it,” Simmons told a local news station. “So then I got him…in a guillotine choke. And he wasn’t getting out of that. I had that lock really tight. I just held him in place and said, ‘Well, guess you are going to jail tonight, buddy.'”

He kept the 32-year-old suspect in the chokehold until cops showed up. Watch video after the jump.

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