How Boy Scout Law Is The Original Code For Guys

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The Boy Scouts of America will finally allow openly gay teens to join, and it’s about time. I say that as an Eagle Scout who doesn’t want anyone to be excluded, because the organization can teach plenty of positive qualities that embody the spirit of Guy Code.

Yeah, wearing neckerchiefs isn’t one of them, but the Scout Law (“A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent”) should apply to every guy’s life. Let’s break those 12 points down…

1. Trustworthy

Your friends have to know they can count on you. If a buddy leaves his girlfriend alone with you at the club, don’t even think about dancing with her.

2. Loyal

If your friend gets into a bar brawl, and there’s no chance of breaking it up, you’ve got his back. Earning your first aid merit badge can also be quite handy here.

3. Helpful

Your buddy’s moving? You’re gonna help carry that couch out to the truck — especially if you’re the reason that his landlord evicted him.

4. Friendly

Don’t be a dick, sober or otherwise. Nobody likes a guy who gets belligerent after a couple drinks.

5. Courteous

The Golden Rule might be a cliche, but it’s a damn good one. (When it comes to ladies, treat them better than how you’d want to be treated.)

6. Kind

This is kind of like friendliness and courtesy, but it’s also about gentleness — the fact that you can bust a friend’s balls mercilessly doesn’t mean you have to.

7. Obedient

No guy should be totally whipped, but if you don’t let your girlfriend get her way some of the time, you’re not gonna have a girlfriend.

8. Cheerful

There’s a reason why emo guys write all those songs about girls rejecting them.

9. Thrifty

If you blow all your cash on a fancy apartment, you won’t have any left over to buy a girl dinner and actually bring her back there.

10. Brave

You don’t have to kill a bear with a bow and arrow to prove your courage. Sometimes all it takes is standing up to a meathead who’s treating a girl like s*** in public. Your health insurance premiums might go up, but you also might get her number. Worth it.

11. Clean

Slathering yourself with body spray doesn’t cut it — you need to hit the shower. (Can’t tell if you stink? Check your balls.)

12. Reverent

Take it easy on Sunday. Your liver worked hard enough on Saturday night.

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Danny Gallagher (@thisisdannyg) is a freelance writer, reporter, humorist and Silver Beaver winner (stop laughing).