Ashley Tisdale Schools You On First Date Mistakes [Interview]

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A first date with a girl is like a job interview: You’ve gotta impress the person sitting across from you in a limited amount of time, and there are countless ways to screw it up.

Good thing for you (and even better thing for us), we sat down with actress, singer and overall hottie Ashley Tisdale for some first-date advice. Between bites of Cracker Jack’D, she revealed how to make a killer first impression and spare yourself a lonely walk home.

1. Never Mention Your Ex

“Bringing up your ex is one of the worst things you can do on a first date. It’s essentially saying that you’re not ready to move on. It will create negative energy on the date. No girl ever wants to hear about that stuff at all. Trust me.”

2. Keep It Classy

“It seems pretty much like common sense, but so many guys don’t act like a gentleman. I’m an old-school girl. When I’m asked out on a date, I expect the guy to pay and treat me with the respect I deserve. Simple, yet so effective.”

3. A Little Ego Goes A Long Way

“You want to be confident without coming off too cocky. Confidence in a guy is really sexy, but being cocky is a huge turnoff. The difference is that when a guy acts cocky, he tries too hard and thinks he’s the s*** as opposed to being comfortable in his own skin.”

4. Eyes On The Prize

“You do not want to be checking out other girls, even if they’re hot ones, while you’re out on a date with someone else. This is almost a guarantee that it will only be a first date.”

5. Patience Is A Virtue

“Most girls do not want a guy who comes off too strong too fast. Just like when a girl gets too clingy, it’s a total turnoff.”

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Craig Goldstein(@techmywifeplz) is typing between bites of Cracker Jack’D.