How Video Game Logic Can Help You Win At Life

Video Game Logic
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Who says that video games are a waste of time? Everybody…well, everybody who thinks young people are lazy degenerates. But the truth is that video games can teach you plenty about succeeding in life. Here are just a few of the lessons you’ll learn from all those hours playing Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U in your bro cave.

1. If at first you don’t succeed…

Nobody beats a video game on the first try. Would you even want to play a game so easy that you never had any setbacks?

There’s no “NBA 2K”-style rookie mode in the real world, but if you keep your goals in mind, you’ll achieve ‘em eventually.

2. Co-op beats going it alone

Video games are better with cooperative play. Helping friends triumph over “Halo” or “Borderlands 2″ is ultimately more fun than kicking their asses at some fighting game.

The lesson here is that it’s OK to depend on others. Acknowledge when you need help, whether you’re stuck on a boss level or a homework assignment. Trying to handle matters on your own will just result in frustration and failure. You need a wingman, whether he’s talking you up to girls at the bar or watching your back at “Double Dragon.”

3. Learn to adapt

Video games force you to switch up your strategy when your go-to methods no longer work. What do you do when your dive-kick cheese in “Street Fighter IV” gets foiled? Change your play style so you don’t get destroyed.

Life is all about adaptability. For example (this goes out to the new grads out there), odds are you’ll find it difficult to land your first job in whatever field you majored in…but what did you minor in? What other skills do you have? Ever thought about teaching English abroad or starting your own business?

Things rarely go according to plan, so be flexible enough to come up with a new one.

4. Cheat if you absolutely must

The other “players” applying to your desired entry-level job are probably embellishing their resumes, so make your internship sound more rigorous than it actually was. Did you copy and file paper most days? Turn that into “assisted staff in maintaining sensitive internal documents.”

Just remember: Perks and paid boosters in video games might give you an edge, but in everyday matters bending the rules will probably catch up to you. Game over.

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Sam Cadet is a semi-pro writer and one of the Gen-Y kids not on Twitter.