Is Shaq Preparing A Sequel To 1994 Game ‘Shaq-Fu’?

shaq fu

Back in the mid-’90s, “Street Fighter II” was the most popular video game around, and it spawned countless imitators…perhaps none more infamous than Shaq‘s “Shaq-Fu,” which pitted the basketball legend against various supernatural monsters from another dimension. Which actually sounds awesome in theory, but not so much in execution.

Making a sequel would be as ludicrous as making a sequel to “Kazaam,” but Shaq has registered a trademark for something called “Shaqfighter.” What the hell is this? Could it possibly be a long-awaited (by nobody) follow-up? Geekosystem is on the case…

MORE: “Shaq Registers ‘Shaqfighter’ Trademark for Potential New Game, World Immediately a Little Better”

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