Today’s Dumbass: Girl Tweets About Hit & Run, Cops Tweet Back

bicycle hit and run
Credit: Andrew Bret Wallis

Bicyclists can be real pains (even if they are environmentally friendly), slowing down traffic when they aren’t hogging sidewalks. However, we can’t condone running them over with a car…and we especially can’t condone tweeting about such a crime like this British driver apparently did:

hit and run tweet

“Bloody cyclists” might be literal in her case. Fortunately the guy lived without suffering any major injuries, but the road-raging girl might be in for some pain…because local police contacted her using the same 140-character-or-less medium on which she seemingly confessed. Click below for the rest of the story at Dumb As A Blog.

MORE: “Idiot Tweets About Hitting Cyclist With Her Car, Say Cops”

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