The Best Chest Hair Designs For Summer

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Now that the weather is warming up and beach season is approaching, it’s time for guys with chest hair to make some decisions. Do they shave completely, do some trimming or keep it natural? Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of making this decision is that there are only three options to choose from. When deciding what to do with facial hair, you can choose from several types of ridiculous mustaches alone. For those of you who with chest hair, we’ve found some options for designs you may want to use if you’re feeling creative, bold and/or stupid.

Superhero Logo

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Every guy has spent some time fantasizing about being a superhero. If you don’t have the time or the money to train in all the martial arts and develop high-tech weaponry, this is the next best thing. Since liking comics is so popular right now anyway, maybe you’ll even be able to pick up some girls on the beach by showing off some nerd cred.

Arrows Up Or Down

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If UFC fighter Brian Ebersole endorses this look, who are we to disagree? Ebersole says he wears the up arrow to direct opponents towards his chin because they can’t beat him on the ground. He’s proven that he’s tough enough to pull off that kind of confidence. We can guess pretty easily at the meaning of the down arrow, but this may also require Ebersole-like confidence to be pulled off.


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Guys who are secure in their masculinity have no problem admitting they have a feminine side. Sure, it’s easier to show your feminine side by admitting you enjoy watching romantic comedies. But who wants to take the easy way out? Man up and shave some hearts on your chest.

The Bra

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It takes a guy with a big pair of ballss to sport a bra made out of chest hair. In nature, bright, obvious colors on an animal’s body signify that the animal is dangerous. The same could be said about a guy with this chest hair. Your initial reaction may be to approach and mock him. But someone with a chest hair bra may be too crazy or dangerous to mess with.


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The chestache is perhaps the ultimate symbol of masculinity. It’s for someone so manly that he is dissatisfied with the small amount of surface area that the upper lip provides for a mustache. If you doubt us, take a look at this painting of Ron Swanson.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.