Tackling ‘Girl Code:’ The 10 Best Slang Terms For Female ‘Alone Time’

Female Masturbation
Credit: Justin Horocks/Getty Images

Girl Code” discusses masturbation tonight, so we’re jumping in.

Even a celibate monk could come up with a laundry list of terms for male masturbation. But even though females masturbate too (though, surely not as much as us), oddly there are very few mainstream slang terms for this glorious act. Let’s change that, guys, and let girls know it’s perfectly fine if they…

1. Diddle yourself

Amongst a sea of crass terms for the act, this is the most pleasant. Why, it almost sounds like something your grandma would’ve said back when she was young diddler!

2. Flick the bean

A term so casual, how can it possibly be wrong? Though, we know if we ever called their clitoris a “bean,” they’d murder us.

3. Rub one out

This might be a unisex term, but let’s give it fully to the ladies. Us guys may yank it, crank it, pull it and tug it, but we never rub it.

4. Jill off

Jack and Jill went up a hill…alone. If we can jack it, they can jill it.

5. Feed the bearded clam

A funny one, sure, but probably an anachronistic one nowadays. Who doesn’t visit the clam waxer?

6. Beat around the bush

It’s kinda like “beat off,” applied to an old-fashioned idiom.

7. Dip the digits

Take your fingers for a relaxing swim in the pool.

8. Taco time

We can’t imagine any woman saying this, but hey, everybody loves tacos. We’ll never call lube “guacamole” though.

9. Air out the orchid

Each woman is a special flower. And, so is her…uh, special flower. Water it, provide it with nutrients and make sure it gets some fresh air occasionally.

10. Touch yourself

This G-rated term still manages to say it all. Plus, it gave us the most famous song about female masturbation ever. (Perhaps the only one?)

BONUS: Pearl diving

Pearls are classy. And, so are you, girls. Don’t be ashamed to dive for ‘em.

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Aaron Goldfarb (@aarongoldfarb) is the author of ‘How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide.’