11 GIFS Of Outfielders Running Into The Wall

bryce-harperCredit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Never hustle. Hustling only leads to tired legs, sweaty brows and in the case of Major League outfielders, embarrassing face plants in front of 40,000 people.

Washington Nationals wunderkind Bryce Harper is the latest outfielder to sprint head on into an immoveable  object. It happened last night in LA and the immediate aftermath is above. Harper, known for his balls-(and now face!)-to-the-wall hustling, was immediately taken out of the game with blood running down his neck.

Don’t feel sorry for him though. That’s what he gets for hustling. One would think that outfielders have learned by now that loafing and not flattening your face is better than trying hard and hitting the DL. They haven’t though and here are the GIFs to prove it. Most of these are from the past few years, with one classic thrown in at the end. Let them all serve as a reminder of the horrors of hustling.

bryce harper

Matt Kemp smashes into a wall

matt kemp

Jason Bay slams into a wall

jason bay

Michael Saunders bounces off a wall

michael saunders

Brett Jackson whacks into a wall

brett jackson

Carlos Lee thuds into a wall

carlos lee

Kyle Blanks head butts a wall

kyle blanks

Nyjer Morgan clangs into a wall

nyjer morgan

Josh Reddick pounds a wall

josh reddick2

Shane Victorino crunches into a wall

shane victorino

Turner Ward tears down a wall

turner ward

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