Today’s Dumbass: Angry At Fence, Man Bulldozes Neighborhood

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Good fences make good neighbors, unless you’re neighbors with Barry Swegle of Port Angeles, Washington, who–furious over a fence that blocked his logging equipment–allegedly bulldozed four houses, a truck, a boat and an electrical pole, knocking out power to thousands of people.

Nobody got hurt, although one woman (and her chihuahua) narrowly escaped. A local resident told reporters that the 51-year-old “just went nuts,” and Swegle’s brother confirmed it: “I knew he was capable of tearing the fence out. Not the homes and the power pole. I didn’t think he was that mad.”

Police are charging Swegle with first-degree assault and malicious mischief. Here’s video of the destruction…to be fair, it is an ugly-ass fence:

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