The 10 Most Brilliantly Concealed Flasks

Hidden Flask

Company picnics, baseball games, quality time with your family…summer is the ultimate drinking season. But why look like a bum, sipping out of a brown paper bag, when there are plenty of innovative and hilarious hidden flask options available?

For example, you can look sharp and feel sharp with the Flask Tie (pictured above). Your boss might even compliment you on your snappy appearance. Here are some other ingeniously camouflaged scotch delivery systems…

The Beer Belly Flask

beer belly flask

Trying to sneak beer into a baseball game? Even a seasoned security guard won’t be able to distinguish between an actual beer belly and the beer belly flask. At $12 per plastic cup, they made you do this!

Bible Flask

bible flask

Stuck at an overlong church service? Visiting your uncle in jail? Jesus turned water into wine, and you can turn a religious text into a party.

The Wine Rack


A wine tasting with your girlfriend that you’ll actually want to attend. Also effective for man boobs.

Flip Flask

flip flop flask

The next time you’re at a jam band concert, blend in with the rest of the hippies by rocking some unsuspecting flip flops. Hacky sack just got bearable!

Cell Phone Flask

cell phone flask

Every call becomes an important call with the cell phone flask. “I’m sorry, I have to take this…it’s from my friend Jack!”



Nosebleed seats? Barnoculars are the real remedy for those upper-deck blues.

Lipstick Flask

lipstick flask

Your girlfriend might be confused why you keep asking to hold her purse…but with the lipstick flask, you can reap the benefits of being a whipped pack mule.

Camera Flask

camera flask

Say “Cheers”! The perfect gift for the slurring shutterbug, the camera flask can turn any event into an unmemorable occasion. Added bonus: Since it’s not actually a camera, there will be less evidence of your liquored-up shenanigans.

Freedom Flask

Freedom Flask

Are you in an extreme situation where all the aforementioned flasks are too obvious? Well, “urine luck.” The Freedom Flask serves as a fake bladder so you can pour beer through your fly on the fly.

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Sean Green is a standup comedian and podcast host living in LA.