Evolution Of A Bald Spot: Manu Ginobili Through The Years

manu-2013Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As he exhibited once again last night, Manu Ginobili is a stone cold, dead-eye assassin. His game-winning three pointer in double overtime against the Warriors came minutes after he bricked a horrible three off the front iron. But Manu doesn’t think about the past. He’s got, as the great Bill Raftery would say, ONIONS.

He’s also got the best bald spot in the NBA. In the picture above, taken not long after he ruined Steph Curry’s night, Manu shows off his glistening pate with no shame. It’s as if he’s saying, “Yes, I’m bald. But I’ll still drain a three right over your hair-having head.” As a tribute to Manu, we look back at his magic chrome dome through the years.


A year and a half ago Manu’s bald spot was about the same size as it is today but it hadn’t yet given up the ghost. If you look closely you can see a thin dusting of wispy hair hanging on for dear life. Those lost of hair-hicans have since called it quits.

manu-2012Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images


Back in 2010 Manu could have argued that he was still baldING and yet bald. It would have been a useless argument of course, but as all of us who have suffered the indignity of losing our hair know, it helps us feels a little bit better.

manu-2010Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images


This is really where it all started to go wrong. At this point Manu could have hit the Rogaine hard or even gotten some creepy fake follicles implanted into his skull and no one would have noticed. Instead, he looked over at his red-headed teammate Matt Bonner and said to himself, “At least I’m not a ginger!”

manu-2007Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


Nice flowing locks Manu, but they’re not going to stop us from noticing that things are getting real thin back there. I’m convinced the long hair was an attempt to compensate for the clumps he was pulling out in the shower. Manu was only 28 years old here. No man with a two at the beginning of his age should have to deal with this.

manu-2005Credit: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


Ahhhh, the good old days. It was the end of Manu’s rookie season, Tim Duncan hadn’t reached his ’70s and the 25-year-old from Argentina had a full head of hair. In the decades since this picture was taken Manu may have lost a lot of hair, but he’s made more than $75 million. That makes it sting a bit less.

manu-2003Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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