8 GIFs Of Unexpectedly Good Dancers

park ranger.

The fine ladies of “Girl Code” addressed the art of dancing on last week’s episode. They had illuminating discussions on “boobie popping” and suggestively sucking straws (which we couldn’t more highly recommend). But given the time constraints of TV, they couldn’t address one of our favorite dance subjects: The killer dancer who looks like an awful dancer. We love a good surprise…and when it comes in the form of a doughy white guy in a park ranger uniform moving like he was in “Wild Style,” we love it even more. Here are eight examples that prove the surprisingly awesome dancer is the best dancer of all.

A lanky dude with a trombone


A three-year-old in a scarf

little kid

Shaq, aka The Big Baryshnikov


A grandma with a fanny pack


An usher at a Pistons game


Someone’s dad in a tie-dye shirt


A massive Iranian bodybuilder in a thong


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