Would You Get A Tattoo For A Raise Like These Employees Did?

Credit: RealDeal.com

How far would you go to impress your boss? If you work at Rapid Realty, a New York City real estate firm, you can earn a 15% raise…for getting a tattoo of the company logo.

Forty out of 750 employees have already gotten inked. The tattoos can be hidden–unlike a Mitt Romney logo face tat–but that doesn’t make it any less permanent. If any of these workers jump ship and head to the competition, do they ask for laser tattoo removal in their benefits package? And how far away are we, really, from human billboards?

“My wife was a little concerned,” a Rapid Realty staffer told the New York Daily News, “but I said, ‘You know what? It was the best commitment I could think of.’”

We can’t blame a guy for getting paid extra…but no matter what color your tattoo is, after kissing your boss’s ass this hard, your nose is gonna be spattered with brown.

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