How Many Proposals Did Melanie Iglesias Get On Twitter Yesterday?

melanie iglesias
Photo: Twitter

That photo right there, that’s Melanie Iglesias‘s Twitter profile pic. And it might have something to do with why “#AskMelanieAnything” trended yesterday, which gave us this gem…

Of course, Melanie could only answer a fraction of her fans’ questions. And most of them were just requests for follow-backs (or gross/creepy comments–guys, that’s not getting you anywhere), but some were funny, bizarre and even thought-provoking…well, the ones that weren’t hopeless marriage proposals, anyway. Read ‘em after the jump!

She can help with IRS audits too


We know it’s you, Lance


Maybe if you cast her in your next movie?




We’d pay good money to see this


You’ve been studying them too long


Each state has different laws about this


Because “Ted” was awesome








Finally, self-awareness!


Thanks for sharing




This debate could last for months


Wasn’t there a Syfy movie about this?


We’re guessing “food”


A question we should all ask ourselves


Who doesn’t?


“Lunchables Iglesias”


Guys, this is NOT how you do it…





































This is how you do it:


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