Naked Girl Climbs Through Couple’s Doggy Door

sara soto
Photo: Parker County Police

UPDATE: Read our interview with Soto at MTV News

If a stranger entered your home at 1:45 a.m. without any clothes on, you’d normally call 911 pronto. But we’d make an exception for 25-year-old Sara Elizabeth Soto, whom Texas authorities accuse of breaking into a house through a doggy door early Tuesday.

The married homeowners (yeah, tough s*** for the dude) heard movement and assumed an animal had gotten through, since they don’t own a pet. But no, it was just allegedly Soto–at 4’11”, one inch away from little person territory–who’d removed her black dress, climbed through the hole (damaging it in the process) and then plopped in a bathtub.

Soto only wanted to make a phone call, according to police, because obviously all bathtubs are equipped with landlines. She’s now facing charges for criminal trespass and mischief. The husband also faced charges of “mischief” from his wife, we’re guessing.

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