MTV2 Announces New Series, ‘Guy Court’


Over three seasons of “Guy Code,” you’ve learned the laws of manhood. Now it’s time to enforce them.

Despite our best efforts, there are still countless dudes breaking the Code on a daily basis. That’s why “Guy Code” cast members Donnell Rawlings, Damien Lemon, Andrew Schulz, Charlamagne Tha God and Melanie Iglesias are joining MTV2’s new series “Guy Court,” expected to hit airwaves in the fall.

In this half-hour comedic courtroom series, which follows “Girl Code” in the evolving “Guy Code” franchise, viewers will witness a variety of cases–from the guy who dates his friend’s ex without asking permission, to the roommate who refuses to wear deodorant. The cases are real stories from real people who’ve fallen victim to Code violations.

With the plaintiff and defendant front and center, the judge will hear both sides of the story…and rule accordingly. Each case will be will judged, defended and prosecuted with the perfect combination of comedy and justice. The guilt or innocence of each individual will be decided in accordance with Guy Code.

Basically, it’s like if “Judge Judy” had a pair of…well, an even bigger pair of balls.

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