Applying The Logic Of Budweiser’s Logo Can To Other Products

budweiser bowtie can
Photo: Anheuser-Busch

Instead of spending time and effort on crafting a good, you know, product, the giant corporate American breweries seem obsessed with gimmicky vessels from which to drink their fizzy yellow stuff. First, you had Coors Light bottles that changed colors to let you know when they were cold (impossible to judge otherwise). Then, Miller Light came out with cans you could puncture with a key to (unofficially, ahem) aid in reckless chugging.

This week, Budweiser proved why it’s indeed the King of Beers with a coup de grace: a new can shaped like the iconic bow-tie logo. That bit of marketing genius made us wonder: What other products might also benefit from the shape of their company’s logos?

1. iPhone

apple 1

2. Jaguar


3. Pizza Hut

pizza hut

4. Nike


5. Trojan

Helmeted for her pleasure…


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Text by Aaron Goldfarb (@aarongoldfarb), the author of ‘How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide’.
Images by Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov), a comedian and editor of Pride Incredulous.