27 Tattoos Of NBA Players [Photos]

kobe2Photo: Sports Mashup

Some fans wear jerseys, some fans wear hats and some fans wear body paint. Far fewer fans get tattoos for their favorite teams, and fewer still get inked in honor of their favorite players. But those who do prove a dedication that surpasses the rest of us. Today, we celebrate those fanatical fools with tattoos of NBA players, some legends and some nowhere close.

Tracy McGrady

T-Mac had a chance to be one of the best ever. Most people thought he never reached that potential. This dude is not most people.

Photo: Hooped Up

Joakim Noah

It might seem weird to you that a guy has Joakim Noah‘s hideous maw permanently painted on his skin, but this guy has his reasons. And they’re good.

Photo: Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Kobe Bryant

When it comes to guys who deserve to be tattooed on other people’s bodies, Kobe is near the top of the list. Right between the Dalai Lama and Sam Kinison.

Photo: Hooped Up

Photo: Point Forward

Photo: Sports Mashup

Magic Johnson

He’s the GOAT. That’s all there is to it. Don’t like it? Write about it on YOUR website.

Photo: Nikko Hurtado

Wilt Chamberlin

This tat doesn’t just honor Wilt the Stilt, it immortalizes his 100-point game, a feat that will never again be reached.

Photo: CBS Philly

Gary Payton

The Glove was one of the greatest pickpockets in the history of the game. Along with many basketballs, he stole this gal’s heart.

Photo: Yard Barker

Michael Jordan

If anyone can challenge Magic’s GOAT claim, it’s Jordan. Especially if movies are taken into the equation. (“Space Jam” 4 Eva!)

Photo: Check Out My Ink

Photo: Check Out My Ink

Stephon Marbury

When Starbury‘s NBA career ended, he took his talents to China, where he’s become a bigger star than he ever was at home. Case in point: This dude’s leg.

Photo: That NBA Lottery Pick

Charlie Villanueva

The best part about this tattoo of an NBA also-ran is the freakish hands. Is that Charlie Villanueva or E.T.?

Photo: Water Cooler Talk

Dennis Rodman

Since MJ already has his own entry, we’ll give this one to The Worm, a man whose own garish tattoos don’t even rank on the list of his top 10 worst life decisions.

Photo: Dime Mag

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

The best tattoo on this list, because it’s for the worst player on it. Not that LRMaM is bad at basketball, it’s just that he’s averaged 9.8 points per game in his five-year career. Not exactly the stuff of legends.

Photo: Lipstick Alley

Yao Ming

Had his body not given out on him, Yao would still be dominating in the paint. Instead he’s making a movie about Rhinos.

Photo: Deviant Art

Jerry West

The man who they call The Logo, because he was the model for the NBA logo, should be tattooed on the calf of every basketball fan. That means you.

Photo: Carlos Torres Art

David Robinson

The Admiral was an incredible basketball player. And he had a cool nickname. That’s all we got.

Photo: About.com

Charles Barkley

This is the weirdest tat on the list. It’s a depiction of Chuck kissing longtime NBA ref Dick Bavetta. Some dude got the tattoo after Shaq offered $1,000 to anyone dumb enough to do just that.

Photo: All Ball


Is it a pro-Shaq tattoo or an anti-Shaq tattoo? Either way, we’re on board.

Photo: Jockular

Dirk Nowitzki

If you’re going to get a ridiculous tattoo of a basketball player’s face, best to get it on your ass so you can hide it during job interviews.

Photo: Jockular

Larry Bird

Pasty dudes might have given up on hoops in the ’80s were it not for Larry Legend and his sharpshooting.

Photo: Adam Sapowsky

Photo: Al’s Tattoos

Photo: The Awesome Boston

Jason Williams

What’s worse, this tattoo or Jason Williams’s own knuckle tats? Trick question! They are both worse.

Photo: Check Out My Ink

James Harden

Here’s hoping this guy got tattooed when Harden was on the Thunder. The idea of getting inked up with the face of a team’s third best player is exceptionally amusing.

Photo: The Score

LeBron James

These two tattoos illustrate the teams LeBron‘s played on in his carrer. First is the hideous (Cavs) and then the beautiful (Heat).

Photo: Mike Devries

Photo: Houston Press

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