‘Batman’ Arrested For Burglary, Not The Hero We Deserve

Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Last month, we told you about a fat British guy dressed like Batman who turned a burglary suspect over to police…but he might be a caped criminal, not a caped crusader.

First off, the “burglar” was just the guy’s drinking buddy and planned to turn himself in anyway, so they decided to have fun with it. Which is a great prank, granted, except that “Batman” (actually 39-year-old Stan Worby, who delivers Chinese food instead of justice) has been charged with burglary for allegedly stealing power tools valued at $1,200 from a garage. Police say they found him in a car with the stolen goods at 4 a.m.

“I’m no superhero,” Worby said back in March. “I eat kebabs. I never run anywhere.”

Sadly, all those statements appear to be correct, particularly “I’m no superhero.”

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