‘Grand Theft Auto’ Radio: The New Soundtrack For Your Life

grand theft auto radio
Credit: Rockstar Games

The “Grand Theft Auto” games have always had awesome soundtracks, and now you don’t have to steal a virtual car to jam out. Rockstar Games has assembled all the radio playlists from the “GTA” series for your listening pleasure through iTunes and Spotify. It’s a huge selection, so here are a few of our favorite stations for (virtual, we swear) carnage.

1. Get funky in the morning with Master 98.3 from “San Andreas”

Waking up for work or school is a dreary affair, so funk it up with James Brown and Charles Wright. Your morning won’t seem so bad when you strut into the shower to “Express Yourself.”

2. Roll up with your boys to 102.7 The Beat from “GTA IV”

When you’re driving to the party or the club, nothing gets you ready to throw down like “Top Down” by Swizz Beats or “Where’s My Money” by Busta Rhymes.

3. Bring your girl back home to 98.8 The Vibe from “GTA IV”

Something’s about to go down, and nothing says “let’s get it on” like Barry White and Marvin Gaye.

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