The Most Kickass Ass-Kicking GIFs From Movie Award Nominees

dark-knight-risesCredit: Warner Bros. Pictures

When the 2013 MTV Movie Awards were first announced, we rejoiced that the slate of movies were “movies for dudes” (that’s us quoting us). What makes the movies so dude-worthy is a fine crop of beautiful women, explosive action and most importantly, raging scenes of sheer, unadulterated ass-kicking.

Today we bring you the best ass-kicking from the MTV Movie Award nominees in GIF form, because the only thing better than watching someone get punched in the face, is watching it on a loop.

Batman elbows Bane in his weird hose face

batman elbows bane

Hulk tosses Loki around like a rag doll

hulk slams loki

Django nabs mustache man’s gun and blows a hole in his chest


Django splatters red neck blood all over the walls


Batman Jackie Chans some bad guys


Pat from “Silver Linings Playbook” cold cocks a guy in the Eagles parking lot

silver linings

Ted spanks Marky Mark

ted whips marky mark

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