1992 MTV Movie Awards Nominees: Then & Now

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A lot has changed since the very first MTV Movie Awards all the way back in 1992. For starters, viewers were unable to vote for the winners via the Internet. We don’t wanna lecture you on how life was back in the days of Heather B. and “Liquid Television,” though. What we’d like to do is celebrate the 22nd Movie Awards with a trip down memory lane. Turn off the Super Nintendo, put aside your Jordan Dream Team jersey, and catch up on the winners/nominees/performers from the ’92 Movie Awards.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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You know how basically every standup comedian does an “AH-NOLD” impression? That’s because this guy was bigger than big in action movies. Schwarzenegger set the standard and was awarded the Best Male Performance in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” He continued to kick ass onscreen in “Last Action Hero,” “True Lies” and “Eraser.”

When he decided to hang up his action-flick boots, he was elected governor of California. Among many other bills passed, his most popular one was the legalization of (cough, cough) medical marijuana. Nowadays, Schwarzenegger is returning to films, but not without a little scandal in the form of knocking up his maid. That’s a judgment day we’d want no part of.

Christina Applegate

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Nominated for Most Desirable Female, Applegate sadly lost to Linda Hamilton. However, she laughed last by landing the role of Veronica Corningstone in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” alongside Comedic Genius Award winner Will Ferrell. In 2008, Applegate overcame a battle with breast cancer, and she continues her work in film and TV, most notably in the sitcom “Up All Night.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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In ’92 Van Damme was nominated for Most Desirable Male. He starred in blood-soaked blockbusters like “Nowhere to Run,” “Timecop” and “Double Team,” which earned him a Razzie Award nomination with Dennis Rodman as Worst Onscreen Couple.

Nicknamed “The Muscles from Brussels” (try not to flinch at the awful name), Van Damme continues to make movies where you can easily predict he’ll be surrounded by a gang of dudes that get their asses kicked.


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We’re not conspiracy theorists, but for someone who caused a controversy with a song describing violence against police officers, Ice-T sure has loved to play cops since then. Maybe this is his way of avoiding harassment and speeding tickets? Whatever it is, Ice-T does it well. Nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance for his role as Scotty in “New Jack City,” T went on to star as Detective Fin on “Law & Order: SVU” while famously dating Coco, who is also known for breaking through, but mostly her clothes.

MC Hammer

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We’re curious about the sort of legacy Hammer will leave behind. On the one hand, he was one of pop music’s hugest superstars, and successfully brought rap to the suburban mainstream. In 1992, his “Addams Groove” was nominated in the Best Song From a Movie category. He lost, and then seemed to spiral out of control. There was the lame attempt at re-inventing himself as a gangsta rapper, then the unfortunate bankruptcy.

Today, Hammer seems to be enjoying his place a nostalgic figure by appearing in Cash for Gold commercials and gaining over three million followers on Twitter.

Arrested Development

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In the early ’90s Arrested Development was one of the hugest rap acts to top the charts. Before Biggie, 2Pac and Jay-Z pushed them aside, they were responsible for bringing a social conscience to the hip-hop game. At the Movie Awards they performed “Tennessee,” then racked up a bunch of Grammy Awards the next year. Since then, they’ve…uh…well, they’ve sued FOX for using their name in a sitcom title.

Ugly Kid Joe

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Another performer that year was the band Ugly Kid Joe, singing hit rock song “Everything About You.” UKJ toured around the world, presented Metallica with an American Music Award, hit gold with a remake of “Cats in the Cradle,” then eventually broke up. Maybe “Everything About You” was about other band members? Anyway, they reunited in 2010 and continue to tour.

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