Will Ferrell’s Manliest Moments [GIFs]

manly-will-ferrallCredit: DreamWorks Pictures

The great Will Ferrell has been doing funny things in movies ever since Mike Myers dropped him into a pit of fire in the first “Austin Powers.” Every subsequent role has led to this Sunday, when Ferrell will receive the first-ever Comedic Genius Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Well-deserved!

Before we celebrate the hilarity of John William Ferrell (born 1967 in Irvine, California), however, we’d like to spend some time on a less appreciated character trait–his manliness. We’d argue that Ferrell is Hollywood’s biggest brute, more masculine than any musclebound meathead. And here are the GIFs to prove it.

Will Ferrell beating a dude with a bat

will ferrell anchorman fight

Will Ferrell pumping serious iron

will ferrell lifting

Will Ferrell showing a beer bong who’s boss

will ferrell beer bong

Will Ferrell doing his best Bobby Knight

will ferrell throwing chair

Will Ferrell busting Marky Mark’s nose

will ferrell wooden gun

Will Ferrell breaking a punk baby’s jaw

will ferrell punching a baby

Will Ferrell showing he feels no pain

will ferrell shootin his neck

Will Ferrell speed-bagging a kid’s head

will ferrell punching a kid

Will Ferrell shooting like a boss

will ferrell shooting gun

Will Ferrell not taking any crap from his minions

will ferrell throwing latte

Will Ferrell making out with a Frenchman

will ferrell kissing a frenchman

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