‘Unleash Your Manhood': Best Quotes From The Guy Code Book


The third season of “Guy Code” is over, but you’ve still got questions about manscaping, fighting, sexting, the Friend Zone and other topics that impact every guy’s life? Relax, we’ve got your back. The e-book “Guy Code: Unleash Your Manhood” from MTV Books contains all the advice to keep you out of trouble…and in the bedroom.

You can read a PDF sample chapter, and download the whole thing for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Nook. (The iPad version is enhanced with interactive quizzes to chart your progress, over 20 videos with the “Guy Code” cast and other multimedia content.)

Every day this week, we’ll release a new meme with an #UnleashYourManhood quote like the one below. Because the Code isn’t just an awesome TV show–it’s ancient knowledge, the kind that belongs on stone tablets. Just like it belongs on your tablet.


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