The Best Explosions From MTV Movie Award Nominees [GIFs]

dark-knight-rises-footballCredit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Film explosions rarely get the respect they deserve. Cine-snobs say they’re trifling and extravagant, included only to appeal to those Neanderthals who giggle when they see things go boom. Well, we are those Neanderthals! And we can’t wait for Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, because there are a bunch of excellent movies nominated across the 13 categories, some of which include 2012’s best on-screen explosions.

Since big balls of fire don’t yet warrant their own category on the show, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to assemble this list of nominees in GIF form. As Beavis would say, “Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!”

1. “The Avengers”

avengers explosion1

2. “The Dark Knight Rises”

dark knight rises stadium explosion

3. “Zero Dark Thirty”

zero dark thiry car explosion

4. “Skyfall”

skyfall explosion

5. “Django Unchained”

django unchained tranatino exploding

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