’90s Rappers: Where Are They Now?

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Today is Pharrell Williams‘s 40th birthday, which is making us nostalgic for the days of N.E.R.D., and really most of the ’90s rap we used to rock (and still do, in our cars, where no one can make fun of us). Lil Duval and Charlamagne have some advice for rappers hitting 40, but these days, Pharrell’s made the smooth transition into producing and remixing. He’s working with everyone, from Daft Punk to Miley Cyrus. Rock on, dude.

Celebrating his big day got us wondering: Where are some of the other big rappers from the ’90s these days?


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Guess what Nas is doing right now? That’s right, still rapping. According to his Twitter feed, Nasty Nas is set to release the name of his new album next month, and he’s apparently pissed that he didn’t get to see Pearl Jam in concert last week.

Lost Boyz

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The Lost Boyz split up in the early ’00s. Mr. Cheeks started a solo career and, despite not releasing an album for years, dude’s still touring.

Master P

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Master P was a god back in the ’90s, but then he virtually disappeared for years. At around 44 years old, he’s back this year with a new mixtape album, “Al Capone.” He’s still a damn good rapper, but we don’t think he’ll be able to try another NBA run this time around.


Days Like This Festival
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Reggie Noble, a.k.a. Redman a.k.a. Funk Doctor Spock made a film two years ago called “Let’s Hang Out Bitch.” What we love about Redman is the consistency of his character.

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