Today’s Dumbass: Student Tweets ‘YOLO,’ Gets Suspended

Photo: WFAA

You only live once, but you might repeat junior year. Kyron Birdine, a Texas high school student, wrote “YOLO” on the essay portion of his STAAR test (a state standardized exam) and tweeted the photo. Administrators, who considered it a “breach of security,” suspended him for four days.

Although Birdine didn’t photograph any questions or answers, it was probably a mistake to tag the local school district and the Texas Education Agency in the tweet. (He resented having to take the STAAR in addition to another exam, the TAKS.) Thing is, states takes these tests incredibly seriously. Too seriously. But if you don’t feel like taking it, put the camera down and just fill in letter “A” for every question to get out early.

Whether or not the school overreacted, let’s all agree that “YOLO” is friggin’ over. The phrase only lived once, and now it’s dead…just like your academic career if you tweet it.

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.