Presenting The ‘Hairiest Back Contest’ Winner & Sole Entrant

back shaver winner

Last month, we decided to give away four Mangroomer Professional Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shavers to our fans with the most-unruly back hair. We called it “The Hairiest Back Contest,” and we expected dozens if not hundreds of entries. (We even tried it ourselves to make sure it was a quality product.)

Unfortunately, none of you wanted to manscape your backsides–or just didn’t want photographic evidence of your hairiness on the internet–except for one brave soul: David from Huntington Station, NY. He sent us the above photo (which we’ve cropped because it featured a full hairy ass shot), and won himself a new gizmo to shear the left side of his body.

While we waited to receive more submissions, David sent us this follow-up message:

“Hey did u guys get a winner yet for man groomer. Broke up with my girl n I gotta shave this hair off. Wondering if I gotta buy one to keep this hair from peeking out back of my shirt on new date. I am the guy that sent u pic of back n ass. All needs to be trimmed up real soon. Thanks”

Yes, David, we’ve picked a winner (you), and we could never forget who sent that pic (of back n ass). Enjoy the Mangroomer device, and good luck on all your future dates!

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