Funny GIFs & Illustrations From ‘Guy Code’ Season 3 Finale


The season three finale “Guy Code” was a big one! Not only did we get the bookends to “Hot Girl On A Bicycle” with “Hot Girl Shooting Hoops” and “Hot Girl Walking Her Dog,” plus a break-in from the “Girl Code” cast talking about penises, we also learned all about dads, being embarrassed, falling in love and guys’ night out. Good thing they jammed so much into this episode since it’s the last one we’ll get for awhile! I know, we’re sad too. However, you can relive last night’s episode by clicking here, plus here are the funniest illustrations and GIFs  to help you along.

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hotgirlshootinghoops hotgirlwalking-dog bowling damn-near-love embarassment-ages-well falling-in-like love-me! human-male-and-love I-FARTED TIFFANY-FART laugh-it-off own-your-embarrassment3 own-your-embarrassment werewolf-friend

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