The 5 Most Awesome (And Bizarre) Bill Murray Stories

Coffee and CigarettesCredit: United Artists

It’s April Fools’ Day, so we feel compelled to honor the Crown Prince of Pranks, Bill Murray. He’s part actor, part comedian and part mythological creature who appears in the strangest places, doing the greatest things.

1. Bill Murray Rolls Up On The Club, RZA And GZA In Tow

He showed up at the Austin bar Shangri-La during the SXSW festival with a quarter of the Wu-Tang Clan. And then volunteered his bartender services, only serving shots of tequila, regardless of what anyone actually ordered. Let’s be real though: If you’re lucky enough to have Bill Murray pour you a drink, you just drink it and don’t ask questions.

2. Bill Murray Crashes A Karaoke Party

Bill Murray KaraokePhoto via The Chive

A group of friends walked into the New York club Karaoke One 7, and spotted Bill Murray with a random Dutch woman. They invited the Ghostbuster into their booth, but he politely declined…and then showed up 15 minutes later, proceeding to buy everyone Chartreuse and sing some Elvis. You can’t make this stuff up.

3. Bill Murray Infiltrates A Game Of Kickball

kickballeditCredit: Marina Cockenberg

During a Sunday kickball game on NYC’s Roosevelt Island, the referee interrupted to ask if a homeless man could play along. In the spirit of good fun, everybody went along with it…and then realized that the new player–who had made it to first base–was not a hobo, but BILL F***ING MURRAY.  Though he did not score a home run, he did take a few pictures, thus creating incontrovertible proof of this rare sighting.

4. Instead Of An Autograph, Bill Murray Films A Wes Anderson-esque Slo-mo Walk

Autographs are so…normal. In classic Bill Murray fashion, he scoffs at the idea of an autograph, and instead suggests doing a slo-mo walking shot with fans. (The slo-mo? Not the film slowed down. They are all just walking really slow.)

5. Thank FedEx For His Appearance In “Zombieland”

The weirdness surrounding Bill Murray does not stop with his fan encounters; casting him in a movie is an equally strange process. He doesn’t have an agent, a manager or even an email address, and only takes offers and scripts through a voice mailbox and FedEx. The latter is how the producers of “Zombieland” convinced him to star alongside Jesse Eisenberg in the greatest movie cameo ever.

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