5 Guys You Shouldn’t Be At The Game

Metlife Stadium
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On last night’s “Guy Code” (watch the full episode), you learned how to act when you’re at the game. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of guys who’ve got no clue. It’s impossible to have fun with certain types of fans around you acting like utter idiots. Paying for a loss should be the least of your worries if you fall under any of the following categories.

1. The Guy Who Cries After Every Call

Refs miss calls all the time, sure, but don’t bemoan their every mistake. They can’t hear you from section 6,000 anyway.

2. The Guy Who Roots Too Hard For The Away Team

Unless you’re, say, an OKC transplant living in Charlotte, you’ll make yourself a target by heckling the home players, especially if you’ve got your squad’s jersey on. Acting like a d*ckhead on top of rooting behind enemy lines usually ends with an argument and/or your head smashed in by the local hooligans.

3. The Clueless Guy Out Of His Element

The less you know about the matchup, the more you should shut up. Sports rules aren’t hard to learn, so observe the event carefully and you’ll be better acquainted next time. Basically, just don’t be like Akeem in “Coming To America.”

4. The Frequent Seat-Leaving Guy

Edge seats are off the hook for this one. However, most ticket holders aren’t so lucky. Stands are already cramped, especially in the nosebleed section. So don’t keep moving around to get better WiFi reception for Twitter and Instagram. The constant get-up, sit-down ruins the experience for everyone else–it’s even worse than a commercial break. You really want to be lower than a Coors Light ad?

5. The Angry Drunk Guy

Sports plus alcohol can lead to a good time, but wasted belligerence will just make you a laughingstock–plus, it’ll get you put in the arena’s holding cell for the night. Just stay home, get wasted in the privacy of your bro-cave and yell at the TV all you want.

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Sam Cadet is a semi-pro writer and one of the Gen-Y kids not on Twitter.