March Madness: 5 Apps To Help You Follow The Tournament

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March Madness has descended upon us, and every guy has an opinion about which NCAA team is gonna come out on top. After all, the fun isn’t just watching basketball; it’s picking the perfect bracket, placing the right wager and avoiding work to hover over any device that shows your favorite team’s standings.

A mountain of desktop and mobile apps can assist in your quest for bragging rights. We can’t guarantee your favorite team wins, but at least your lack of sleep over the next few weeks will seem worthwhile.

1. For the social media fan

Credit: SportStream

SportStream (iOS, free) provides customized streams of the best and most relevant Twitter, Facebook and news content. It also delivers important stats and play-by-plays during your team’s game, whichever of the 64 you pick.

2. For the bracket addict

Credit: PocketBracket

PocketBracket (iOS/Android, $.99) is the #1 sports app for creating March Madness brackets. It helps you follow your tourney pools as well as the games themselves, automatically scoring and ranking brackets for each game. We think it’s worth shelling out the buck to download.

3. For the on-the-go enthusiast


NCAA March Madness Live (iOS/Android, free) allows you to watch the games live, no matter where you are, plus you can check highlights, join conversations and read the latest news from the court. Best thing, it’s free. We like free.

4. For the adrenaline addict

Credit: Thuuz

Thuuz (iOS/Android/Google TV, free) sends you alerts when a game you’re following gets heated or has a great play, so you’ll know to leave that office meeting ASAP.

5. For the psychic

Credit: Fancake

Fancake (iOS, free) gives fans the chance to win swag–such as tickets, sports merchandise and gift cards–by watching games and predicting outcomes. If you’re a know-it-all, you can have it all.

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