5 Videos Of Famous People Falling In Public

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We’re all embarrassed by different things–height, weight, birthmarks, desperate rebounds after a breakup–but falling in public is a universal embarrassment. No matter how coordinated you are, sooner or later you’ll slip on an invisible banana peel. The problem for celebrities and athletes is they’re constantly on camera, so the whole world can laugh at their clumsiness. Hey, we’re all human…but we’re not all on YouTube.

1. Mariah Carey Slips Mid-Performance

An extremely pregnant Mariah Carey takes a wayward step. The party of two made it out OK, thankfully, so you’re allowed to smirk at their bout with gravity.

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2. Jamal Crawford Crosses Up Rudy Gay

Crossover artist Jamal Crawford makes a living by victimizing hapless defenders. Former Grizzly Rudy Gay learned the hard way on this defensive switch gone horribly wrong.

3. Drake Falls Down, Tears ACL

Getting a little too jiggy back in ’09. (NSFW language.)

4. Bernard Pollard Smashes Stevan Ridley

This might be unfair, since Stevan Ridley got hit instead of losing his footing. At the same time, you can’t help but marvel at what physics did to that man. ESPN needs to analyze this hit on “Sports Science.”

5. Kid Cudi Literally Drunk On His Ass

Looks like Kanye‘s protege had a little too much fun. The only thing missing is a response song chronicling how sad he felt during the epic hangover.

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