‘Girl Code’ Gives Us The Opponent’s Playbook


Since “Guy Code” began airing in 2011, we’ve received the following comment multiple times every week: “MTV should make ‘Girl Code!'” Every girl who posts it thinks she’s the first to come up with the idea and as time has gone on, female fans have become more incensed by the fact that the show doesn’t exist yet. Well, the wait is over. Starting April 23 at 10:30/9:30c, MTV will air the new series after “Awkward.

Why should men care? “Guy Code” should tell us all we need to know, right? Well, look at this new show as a chance to view the opponent’s playbook. You get to see how the enemy is thinking, planning and reacting. Watching will give you an unfair advantage over your competition! It’ll be like you’re the New England Patriots during Spygate. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

What do girls do in the bathroom together? Why do they feel the need to snoop in your phone? What happens if they don’t wax? And how do you penetrate a group of girls dancing tightly together at the club? These are all questions that will be answered soon enough.

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