Watch A Street Performer Punch A D-Bag [Video]

street performer punch

If you ever visit England, you’ll be tempted to distract those guards in stupid hats who are supposed to keep a straight face at all times. They probably won’t react to your douchebaggery…but never test your luck with a street performer.

In this video from Australia, a guy in a purple shirt harasses a silent cowboy who’s trying to entertain a crowd. He did entertain the crowd, but not in the way that the heckler expected.

Our favorite YouTube comment: “As a street performer… I understand where that punch came from very strongly. Some people will treat you as an object and a few feel entitled to do whatever they would do to a lamp post. If you’ve ever worked in customer service or serving you’ll recognise this.” In other words: Don’t be a dick. And don’t wear purple.

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