Got A Hairy Back? You Can Win A Kick-Ass Back Shaver

mangroomer back shaver
Credit: Mangroomer

Every “Guy Code” fan knows that dudes must shear ourselves, lest we disgust the ladies. Not everywhere, of course–women love the treasure trail just as much as the treasure–but just enough to look kempt.

Problem is, dudes with hairy backs are caught in a vicious cycle. They can’t shave their backs without a girl’s help, but every girl who sees them shirtless runs away in terror.

Fortunately, Guy Code Blog and Mangroomer are here to help with “The Hairiest Back Contest.” We’re giving away four Mangroomer Professional Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shavers (retail price: $49.95) to our fans with the most-unruly back hair.

Read the official rules for specifics, but here are the basics:

1. Between March 15 and March 22, email or tweet us a photo of your own hairy back. (It must be your back. Don’t even try to cheat with someone else’s picture or Photoshop.)

2. If you email it, you must include your (a) name, (b) mailing address, (c) date of birth and (d) paste the following statement in the body of the email:
By sending this email, I accept and agree to: (1) the Official Rules of the “Enter for a Chance to Win a Back Hair Shaver for the Hairiest Back Contest” [] and (2) the Terms of Use [] and Privacy Policy [ ].

3. If you submit via Twitter, include this in your tweet: [PHOTO] #HairiestBackContest Rules:

4. We’ll select the winners based on (a) humor, (b) originality and (c) hairiness of back. Our lawyers actually wrote that sentence.

All right, Chewbacca, what are you waiting for? Send us those photos!

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