The Best Yo Mama Jokes From Our Fans

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During last night’s “Guy Code” episode, we asked you to tweet us (and Andrew Schulz) your best “Yo Mama” jokes. Holy crap, you guys know a lot of them. Here’s the insults that made us laugh hardest, even if we heard some of them in elementary school…back when Yo Mama had just celebrated her 90th birthday.

1. Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh.

2.  We’re Guessing She Doesn’t Own A Wii U

3. You’ll Need Holy Water For That Burn

4. Tough Economy

5. …And Lets You Melt In Her Mouth

6. Now We’re Hungry

7. Only Time She Ever Got Out Of Bed, Right?

8. Indecent Exposure

9. The Ugliest Duckling Can’t Even Look At Her

10. Plus-Sized Insult

11. Double Whammy

12. Talk About Massive Humps

13. Disturbing The Peace

14. Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

15. DAMN

16. Now We’re Even Hungrier

17. “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Fan?

18. Her Pride & Joy

19. Putting It All In Perspective

BONUS: Here’s Even More From Our Awesome Facebook Fans

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