The 6 Categories Of Yo Mama Jokes

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Sticks and stones might break a guy’s bones–but if you really want to hurt him, make fun of his mom. On tonight’s new “Guy Code,”  the gang opens up about mothers, and we’re asking fans to tweet their best Yo Mama jokes. Include #GuyCode, and if cast-member Andrew Schulz likes your joke, he’ll retweet it tonight from 10:30-11e. (For inspiration, check out MTV’s old show “Yo Momma,” dedicated to trash-talking other people’s moms.)

Yo Mama jokes are a true art form. Just like a painter can choose from watercolor or oil or sculpture, the Yo Mama insult artist needs a multifaceted arsenal at his disposal…

1. Yo Mama So Fat

You have to exaggerate and defy the laws of nature to make these successful. (Saying “yo mama so fat, she statistically has a greater risk of dying from heart disease” is too real and depressing.) The mama should be so large that she’s like a mythical creature whose size grants her extraordinary powers.

Example:“Yo mama so fat, the pilot asked you to remove her picture from your wallet so the plane could take off.”

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2. Yo Mama So Nasty

Accusing someone’s mom of being promiscuous is equally popular. It’s always helpful to mention prostitution, whether she’s failing at it or taking the occupation to new heights.

Examples: “Yo mama so nasty, she’s the number one recommended cure for sexaholics;” “Yo mama so nasty, what she charges for oral sex causes the stock market to fluctuate.”

3. Yo Mama So Gross

Be sure to shed light on the mother’s notoriously deplorable personal hygiene. Again, you should exaggerate beyond normal follies like simply forgetting to floss.

Example: “Yo mama so greasy, you have to clean your television screen every time she appears on ‘Maury Povich.'”

4. Yo Mama So Old

No one likes to think about their parents aging, which is why this insult stings a little more than others.

Example: “Yo mama so old, she gave the Crypt Keeper a suspension for sneaking alcohol into his prom.”

5. Yo Mama So Dumb

We naturally look to our parents for wisdom and guidance. So don’t just imply that the mom is a little dense; make her sound like the biggest idiot to ever walk the earth.

Example: “Yo mama so dumb, she took the took the ACT test and did a scene from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.'”

6. Yo Mama Is A Combination

If you’ve mastered the above categories, try combining them to form even more powerful and degrading insults. The mom doesn’t just have to be fat–she can be old AND fat!

Example: “Yo mama so old and fat, she was the mascot for President Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party.”

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is a comedian and writer in New York.