Today’s Dumbass: Basketball Player Wins Game For Wrong Team

Photo via YouTube

With only seconds left on the clock, Oklahoma teenager Trey Johnson wanted to secure a victory for Hugo High School. Sure, they were up one point, but why not widen the margin? Unfortunately, Trey got a little confused and scored a game-winning shot for his opponents from Millwood High School. The final score: 38-37.

Nobody in the crowd understood WTF they’d just witnessed. “After a moment the Millwood players’ and fans’ blank expressions turned into a celebration,” said a local photographer. The Hugo fans groaned with the agony of defeat… self-defeat.

You’d think such a massive error would ruin Trey’s NBA prospects, but the resulting publicity got him courtside Oklahoma City Thunder seats, plus one-on-ones with players and owners. A strange networking technique, but effective. Here’s the video:

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog