How’d The ‘Win A Date With Melanie Iglesias’ Night Go?

melanie date

Last month, a guy from Dallas named Harold beat nearly 400 other contenders to win a date with Melanie Iglesias from “Guy Code” in New York City. While other entrants bragged and boasted, Harold took a more humble approach, admitting that he might not be the richest or smoothest dude, but he’d show her a great time. Here’s his winning video:

“I couldn’t believe it,” Harold said of learning that he’d been selected. “I’ve never won anything like this. Out of all the guys who entered it was me…hard to believe.”

Well, Harold’s wish came true last night. He spent a couple hours with Melanie at Bowlmor in Times Square. Read ahead for the full report!

Before Melanie arrived at the upscale bowling alley, Harold felt a little uneasy (“I’m nervous, I can’t lie”) but she quickly made him feel at ease with a hug. Turns out, he’d brought her favorite brand of chocolates and a Dallas Mavericks t-shirt, and they quickly bonded over a mutual dislike of seafood.

melanie bowling

Harold pretty much dominated at bowling–sad to say, Melanie seemed to be aiming for the gutters–but she destroyed him at air hockey 6-1. (Just for the record, Melanie says it’s not Guy Code that you have to let a girl win.)

They had a long conversation that we weren’t privy to, but it looked pretty deep. At the end of the night, they parted ways with another hug.

“It was awesome,” Harold said. “She’s thoughtful, kind, down to earth with a calming presence. She definitely calmed me down.”

As for Melanie, she had a “really fun” time, and recommends that other guys study Harold’s playbook: “His video didn’t try too hard, it was just nice…he’s a great guy, very sincere, very honest. He’s so cool and shy–but not too shy.”

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