The Best Killer Animal Movies You’ve Never Seen

black sheep
Credit: The New Zealand Film Commission/Icon Productions

Every guy has some embarrassing fear, whether it’s heights or public speaking or a mysterious red bump. For some dudes, the phobia is animals. If you’re a scaredy-cat (who’s scared of cats?), you probably shouldn’t watch these obscure films about beasts on the attack, brought to you from Unreality Magazine:

1. “Black Sheep”

Creatures: Sheep

Some genetic experiments on sheep go terribly wrong, and turn the sheep into bloodthirsty monsters. … The movie gets REAL points for using all practical effects and no CG, yet never skimping over the gore. Think “Day of the Dead” with sheep and you have a pretty good idea.

2. “The Ghost and the Darkness”

Creatures: Lions

There is something unnerving about the idea of lions hunting humans, and for a small chunk of time in a Kenyan village, that is just what happened. … It was well-acted and well-executed, and anyone who says lions are not stunning yet terrifying creatures has never seen Lion-O angry.

3. “Frozen”

Creatures: Wolves

While this movie may not be as epic as “The Grey,” it deserves some REAL props for setting the tone first. … Did lose MAJOR points for the snowboarding scene, though. Everyone knows wolves would just strap on snowboards and chase after you, grinding WAY more powder than you. Duh.

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