Most Dude-Worthy Crop Of MTV Movie Nominees In Years


The nominees are out for this year’s MTV Movie Awards, and man are we pumped about the picks. We love the Awards every year, but after a few years dominated by boy magicians and sparkling vampires, the contenders for Movie Of The Year in 2013 are all movies for dudes. We had two badass comic book movies: “The Avengers” and “Dark Knight Rises.” Tarantino made one his best, “Django Unchained,” Seth McFarlane left the filthy cartoon world halfway with “Ted” and even “Silver Linings Playbook” was the best rom-com for guys in years. It also doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Lawrence looks damn hot in that movie, which is also relieving ’cause we weren’t sure if it was just the bow and arrow she used in “Hunger Games” that was doing it for us.

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Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov) is a comedian and cockroach/lady killer .