Funny GIFs & Illustrations From This Week’s New ‘Guy Code’


On this week’s new “Guy Code,” Melanie Iglesias tries to give us a visual demonstration of  how she lets a guy know that she really wants to make out. However, Lisa Ramos is a little too eager. The rest of the cast also dives headfirst into the topic of kissing: first kisses, kissing as foreplay and kissing as a distraction to take off her clothing.

In addition to sucking face, the show also discusses your boy’s girlfriend, wine and maturity. Overall, there’s a lot of info. Even if you’ve already seen it, you should really watch the episode again, but here are some illustrations and GIFs from last night to help you along.



damn immaturity wine-bottle not-in-front-of-my-girl punch fancyness-levels oral-kiss wine-pairing kisser-smasher

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