15 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Kissing

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Men and woman have been kissing forever, right? Actually it’s a relatively new behavior for humans. Social scientists have no idea why we make out, except that it feels awesome and stops her from asking you “what are you thinking?” Here’s some other surprising trivia about smooching…

1. The Wedding Kiss Originated In Ancient Rome

Kisses were used to finalize contracts. The practice continues today every time you kiss your boss’s ass.

2. The Term “French kiss” Started As A Slur

In the 1920s, the British poked fun at the decadent French custom of swirling tongues.

3. Public Kissing Is A Crime In Indonesia

Punishable by five years in prison. Not the worst way to stop PDA.

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4. Women In Victorian Times Kept Pins In Their Mouths

To avoid unwanted kisses in the dark. Maybe this is where tongue piercing got started?

5. The Guinness World Record For Longest Kiss: 50+ Hours

It still wasn’t enough foreplay for the woman.

6. Actress Lana Turner Raised $5 million In War Bonds By Selling Kisses

For $50,000 each. (Kate Upton, if you’re reading this, your nation needs your help.)

7. Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Last Words: “Kiss My Ass”

Not a nice guy.

8. England’s King Henry VI Banned Kissing

And yet, somehow, cricket remained legal.

9. A Man In China Ruptured His Girlfriend’s Eardrum With A Kiss

An “excessively passionate kiss.” Keep searching for that clitoris, buddy.

10. In The 1930s, Hollywood Actors Had To Kiss Sitting Or Standing

Because people did not ever lay in beds in the 1930s.

11. Kissing In The Trobriand Islands Involves Biting Off Eyelashes

Still not as painful as getting a Brazilian wax.

12. Only One Muscle Is Used For Kissing

The orbicularis oris, which Wikipedia calls “the sphincter muscle around the mouth.” (We’re having terrible flashbacks to “The Human Centipede.”)

13. Kissing Burns Two Calories Per Minute

So technically, making out counts as cardio.

14. Women Used To Send “Telegraph Kisses,” Lipstick On Paper

We prefer it when our girlfriends send boob photos to our phones.

15. Kissing Might Serve An Evolutionary Purpose

Endocrinologists believe that kissing might allow women to sample a potential partner’s genome to determine if he’s a suitable mate. (Yes, kissing on the mouth, we mean.)

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Danny Gallagher (@thisisdannyg) is a freelance writer, reporter, humorist and KISS army lieutenant.