Free Sample Chapter Of New E-Book ‘Unleash Your Manhood’


MTV Books recently published the first “Guy Code” e-book, “Unleash Your Manhood.” It’s the account of one dude’s journey from pathetic loser to awesome winner after he discovers the Code and its lessons on manscaping, fighting, sexting, the Friend Zone and more.

It’s now available on the iBookstore for $4.99, but we wanted to give you a free sneak peek at its wisdom, specifically the chapter on manscaping. (There are two kinds of acceptable back hair: “gorillas and werewolves.”) Oh yeah, there’s also some pube-trimming advice from Donnell Rawlings. “Guy Code” is saving one guy at a time… and “Unleash Your Manhood” will save guys one page at a time.

Download the PDF sample chapter here. Quick note, the e-book is available in iPad, iPhone, Nook and Kindle versions, but iPad is the only one formatted with multimedia.

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