Building The NBA’s Most Beat Up Player [Infographic]

Credit: Jake Young

For all the talk about football’s ability to tear strong, athletic men down, few mention the toll basketball takes on its players. Maybe it’s because the sport doesn’t involve constant concussive. Fair enough. But basketball wreck its own type of havoc on the bodies of those who play it.

That’s never been more relevant than right now, as some of the game’s biggest stars are forced to sit on the sidelines rehabbing ACLs (Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo), dealing with crappy feet (Joe Johnson, Pau Gasol) and hobbling on busted knees (Andrew Bynum, Brandon Roy).

To illustrate just how dangerous basketball can be we constructed one man made up of the most high profile injuries in recent NBA history. Some of these were one-time things that players recovered from, others were chronic and ended careers, but all hurt like hell. Just look at that dude’s face.

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