6 Ways To Deal With Your Mom Now That She’s Texting

Mom Texting
Credit: Ron Levine/Getty Images

So your mom just got a smartphone. She’s a few years behind the curve, sure, but you’re proud of her for getting with the technological times. Only problem is, she’s now text messaging you every other minute–and her texts are super embarrassing. Here’s a guide to correcting her amateur mistakes and overly frequent attempts at textual contact.

1. Get Her Off Your Back

Constant Texts2

2. Curb Her Emoji Obsession


3. Put An End To Her Butt Texts

Butt Texts2

4. Minimize The Damage From Mass Texts

Mass Text2

5. Sober Her Up When She Drunk Texts

White Wine2

6. Teach Her A Lesson About Excessive Pic Texts


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Kara Klenk (@karaklenk) is a comedian in New York City.